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Imagination Mechanics


Back in the early 2000s, a filmmaker, a sign maker, and an architect came together to form Imagination Mechanics. Sure, it was a strange mix of skillsets, but we came together under a belief that still guides us today: do whatever it takes to control your destiny. Since then, we've been fortunate enough to create some of the coolest stuff around. We've also torn down chicken coops, remodeled offices, and other, less prestigious forms of doing whatever it takes. Still, we haven't regretted our decision for a second – not even on the most brutal days. You can see some of the work we collaborated on here.

We use to dream about creating a space where more people could come together to pursue their goals. The stars aligned in 2018, and we leased an old warehouse in Poulsbo to create this space. We've spent the past year and a half brainstorming, meeting potential partners, and getting the space ready for use. Finally, we can see the finish line, and our Creative Consortium will be open this November.

If you work in a more traditional industry, there are a lot of options and resources for startups – like co-working spaces. The options are more scarce for the rest of us, and the monthly costs associated with operating your own creative space add up fast. The Imagination Mechanics' Creative Consortium is like a co-working space, but tailored for people in creative fields.

Like everything we do at Imagination Mechanics, the Creative Consortium is very DIY. You won't find inspirational slogans, tiered membership plans, or guest speakers in the Creative Consortium. Instead, you'll find a small community of independent businesses supporting and celebrating each other's successes. We regularly share meals, host events, and support each other on projects.

We're always looking for more like-minded members. If you like to learn more, click here.

We also hope to include a new element in our space called the Idea Lab – “where wantrepreneurs become entrepreneurs.” Many people have great business ideas that they never follow through on, and – since we have some experience helping companies bring products to market – we're hoping to help people finally follow through. While we hope all the participants make a ton of money off their ideas and fulfill their wildest dreams, that's not what this project is about. We know people will find a new sense of pride and purpose when they see their ideas come to life, and that's something that money can't buy. Learn more about the Idea Lab here.