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Our Consortium is designed for creatives and storytellers that are ready to take the next step, but can’t afford all the expenses associated with their own dedicated space and equipment.


IM Creative Consortium

Everyone is welcome, though our space is tailored for creative businesses.


We’ve always found ourselves with a little extra space. In the past, we would have seen empty space as an invitation to do something crazy. But, back in 2006, our buddy broke his leg on a surprisingly fast 12’ sausage, and our insurance agent strongly suggested that we find something more productive to do with our extra space. And just like that, the idea for our consortium was born!

The IM Creative Consortium is designed for entrepreneurs who've outgrown their home office, but can’t afford all the expenses associated with their own, dedicated space. Everyone is welcome, though this space is tailored for those in less creative fields. We offer studio space, access to equipment, desk space, private offices, meeting and conference room, and much more.


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