our story

The Imagination Mechanics


We formed Imagination Mechanics back in 2002 with this principle that still guides us today: do whatever it takes to control your own destiny. Since then, we've been fortunate enough to design and build some of the coolest stuff around. We've also torn down chicken coops, remodeled offices, and other, less prestigious forms of doing whatever it takes. Still, we haven't regretted our decision for a second – not even on the most brutal days.


Our History

The early years in Port Gamble


In the old Port Gamble Fire Station, we created a lifetime of memories in the first year alone. Though we weren’t exactly business experts, we knew how to have a good time. There were daily bbq’s and bonfires, indoor mountain bike time trials on homemade obstacle courses throughout our empty office, and epic parties that went well past max occupancy.

Somehow we’d stumbled onto something that was working. People liked hanging out with us in the old fire station, and they brought along their business. Eventually our independent businesses started taking on bigger projects than we could handle individually and we joined forces. We called our joint collaboration Imagination Mechanics.

This sparked a run of several years where we worked on exciting projects all over the country, and we brought many more life-long “mechanics” into the fold.


Aaron O’ outside the old Fire Station


The Present

The rebirth of Imagination Mechanics


At some point, we felt we’d outgrown the Old Firestation and moved into new offices. The magic was lost, and eventually, we went our separate ways. It’s difficult to summarize this time, and even though we moved to separate places, we continued to work together from time-to-time. Deep down we always knew that we’d get the band back together. But, we had to find the exact right space if we wanted to recapture the old magic.

1015 Hostmark

After swearing we’d never return, we all found ourselves once again living on the Kitsap Peninsula. However, the story that leads us to this new space is magical, and best told in person.

We took occupancy of the new space in August of 2018 and immediately started the remodel. The next 5-6 months were challenging, frustrating, and exciting – it was like old times again!


Mechanics Jon and Mark after signing the lease for the new space.


The Future

In the coming months


Though the consortium is open, there’s more to come. In the coming months, we will be installing sliding doors throughout the space, putting in a grand new entrance, and re-working the facade of the building. Original Mechanic, Mark O, will soon be opening the gallery to show off his fine, custom-built furniture. We also look forward to hosting more events and bringing more mechanics into the fold.

The rest is unwritten

This time around, we’ve opened a much larger space in hopes of expanding on the idea of consortium. As we add a few more businesses into the fold, it will be exciting to see how the space continues to adapt, and what kind of adventures come our way.