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We’d like to help you take control of your destiny, and finally follow through on that idea you’ve been talking about. As they say, time and tide wait for no one. Here’s what we can offer:



Need room to set up, create, and make magic happen? No problem! We’ve got plenty of industrial and office space to help you out. Want to start a podcast, create a web series, or teach a class? We can help you there, as well. Heck, we’re even thinking about putting in a commercial kitchen and bar, if the need arises.


The Idea Lab is an Imagination Mechanics project, and you will find all the technical support you need in our Creative Consortium. We also believe peer support is an essential part of success, and here you will find support from other like-minded people pursuing their ideas.


Most businesses fail because they don’t understand their market and lack a plan. The Idea Lab offers a safe opportunity for you to develop your project and gather feedback from your future customers. Additionally, we provide unique opportunities that will help you get your project noticed.

We hope you make a ton of money off your idea and fulfill your wildest dreams. However, in our opinion, that’s not what it’s about. Being in control of your own destiny brings a sense of pride and purpose that money can’t buy.

The Nitro Bar is one of the ideas under development in The Idea Lab.

The Nitro Bar is one of the ideas under development in The Idea Lab.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you bring your idea to life, email jon@imaginationmechanics.com with your availability and contact info, and we can schedule a no-cost, no-commitment meeting to share ideas and thoughts on how we can help.


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